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Chemistry Forum Chemistry Forum. Discuss chemical reactions, chemistry.

Help: Seeking solution (pardon the pun)

Help: Seeking solution (pardon the pun) - Chemistry Forum

Help: Seeking solution (pardon the pun) - Chemistry Forum. Discuss chemical reactions, chemistry.

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Old 07-24-2003, 05:20 AM
Jerry Cornelius
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Default Help: Seeking solution (pardon the pun)

I am a non-chemist hoping that someone here can help me and a lot of other
people hack a formula for a 'cleaning solution'. There is a company called
"LitterFree" which has recently been marketing a clever self-cleaning catbox
which connects to toilet plumbing and essentially washes the included
plastic pellets several times a day. At the end of each wash cycle a small
amount of solution is included in the final rinse. The scheme is ingenious
and it works (if you can get the cats to accept a loud, churning catbox).

Unfortunately "LitterFree" is now out of business and we have nowhere to
obtain new supplies of the cleaning solution. [References:
[Only registered users see links. ] seems intact until you try any of the telephone numbers.
Not only the domestic office in San Diego, but the main office in Israel is
also closed. Supplies are gone except those sources who are "backlogged"
because they don't know that the company is out of business.] The U.S.
patent (number 6,138,609) is vague and does not seem to help. Some owners
have refilled the old containers with hydrogrn peroxide, but that sounds
quite different than the original contents and I'm concerned it may harm the
dispenser, or the cats, or fail to perform the designed function.

So those of us which own this device are looking for an effective, cat-safe,
substitute for the cleaning solution. Here's what I know about it:
"Contains: Synthetic Detergent, Quarternary Ammonium Compound, and a blend
of natural and synthetic perfume oils" and "Safe for cats and humans,
environmentally friendly, biodegradable."

I suppose the basic questions are: what are the likely ratios of "a
detergent" and "a quarternary ammonium compound" to mix this oneself,
*and/or* is there a likely off-the-shelf equivalent available which is
already mixed?

Any help appreciated and passed on to a discussion group on this subject
(where no one has a chemical clue what to do).

Thanks in advance,
device at mind spring dotcom (the Reply key will not work)

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