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maximizing the beauty of a landscaping

maximizing the beauty of a landscaping - Botany Forum

maximizing the beauty of a landscaping - Botany Forum

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Old 08-11-2009, 07:15 AM
Archimedes Plutonium
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Default maximizing the beauty of a landscaping

Now I want to share with you some tips of maximizing a
landscaping. My father was a landscape architect, and I
never had the chance to ask whether he returned to a
design which he created to maximize the beauty.

As I discovered in my landscaping where 2 of my plots
of land are mature in tree rows and an hedge rows. That
I have to relandscape to maximize on beauty. Not that I
remove the rows but fill in spots and fill in more rows
to highlight existing ones.

So that a beautiful landscaping seems to require tiers
relandscaping. Some plants just never do well in the first
plans, so a second plan builds on the previous structure.

For example, the apricot rows just never materialized at one
site due to rabbits and disease.

And the wild plum rows never became satisfactory.

Some moles or gophers seemed to like the lilac roots
and took some lilac out of my hedge rows leaving holes.

The rows of "laurel willow" seemed to not fare well, but
the white-leafed willow next to them grew tremendously.

So what I plan to do is to take what I have achieved on these
2 plots and to redesign for a 2nd landscaping.

Fill in the holes of the lilac with something of equal height
but which the moles and gophers will not attack.

By the way, I sort of welcome these critters as aerating
the soil, and where I simply take a fork and spread apart
their mounds of dirt. And when the bushes and trees become
so large, I do not even bother with the mole and gopher

As for the laurel willow I shall replace them with russian olives
so that I have a rows of silver color next to a taller rows of
while color from white leafed willow. Silver against white blowing
in the wind is a beautiful blend of color on a summer day.

As for the wild plum rows. The fruit was lousy and the trees
somewhat approaching as "thorny". And a rather scraggly
appearance. I had bought some hybrid plums and sour cherries
that are doing excellent and also suckering volunteers. So I think I
will cut down the wild plum rows and gradually replace them with a
better tree.

But the biggest overall change is that I am making room for
"rock elm", so that I have show specimen rock elm rows in the
landscape. In my first plan, I never heard of rock-elm. So now
I know of rock-elm and want to include it in my design.

So what I want to share is that I doubt any landscape design
gets a beautiful result on one plan, and that to maximize the beauty,
that the design has to be revisited some 10 years later
where a 2nd plan is drawn using the bulk of the previous plan
as a foundation starting point where you build on what you
previously established.

Archimedes Plutonium
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