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asparagus under control this year & landscaping with animals

asparagus under control this year & landscaping with animals - Botany Forum

asparagus under control this year & landscaping with animals - Botany Forum

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Old 06-05-2009, 06:08 AM
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Default asparagus under control this year & landscaping with animals

Well, this year is the first year I have the asparagus under complete
control in that
I tomato caged each bunches so that I can easily mow around them.

And I transplanted over half into a long line row so that I put a
piece of
fencing on both sides to keep the stalks upright and easily mow.

Happiness is when you are in control.

Now for the past several years I have had pony, donkey and
Llama on my properties and have come used to them. It means
alot of fencing and it means precautions of the plants for the
animals. I use concrete block to surround some plants to keep
the animals off. Protect the new young tree saplings.

The Llama is in a different pasture from the horse since the
Llama has a taste for trees more than grass.

But I like the idea of landscaping with live animals present
because the constant fertilizer and manure and especially
the piss. The piss is more important than the solid waste.

Every Spring I can tell where the horse pissed in that the
grass is super dense green.

And the animals save me on mowing. I cannot get rid of mowing
altogether but I do about 1/10 the mowing I previously did.

So if one wants a great landscaping and can fit animals into the
landscaping is a very valuable coexistence.

Archimedes Plutonium
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Old 06-05-2009, 06:42 AM
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Default Landscaping with animals and with the concept of rows as the mostbeautiful

Well, my father was a Landscape Architect and it does not surprize me
to have
some shared interests in landscape design. My forte, or strategy of
design is that
rows are the beauty. Single plants dotted here and there does not make
beauty. So for me, the ultimate landscape design is a solid area
filled with rows
of trees, bushes and small plants.

I like to accentuate colors. I like a row of blue spruce and white fir
with a row
of amur maples on one side and a row of silver leafed russian olives
on the other
side. So we see a contrast of red-orange-green-silver.

Then there is the row of white leafed willows with a row of russian
and on the other side a row of laurel willows so we see a contrast of
white-silver-dark green.

Now it seems to me that rows of trees are faster to assemble in a
than is rows of bushes or hedges. So I guess that the master
landscaper has
mature hedges as the pride of his work and it may take a lifetime to

I have a lilac hedges and some buffaloberry hedges but would like to
my hazelnut hedges mature.

I tried raspberry hedges but my climate is too dry for them.

And I guess in the past centuries where fencing was expensive, that
societies used natural grown hedges for fencing. My lilac hedge does
stop the
Llama and horse from going through.

But there is one feature of my landscaping that was not included in my
landscaping art. I have come to appreciate having animals graze on the

It has required me to take out the yew-bushes because I understand
they are
poisonous, although I hear that on the East Coast, the deer beeline
to the yew bushes.

I have tried getting a mature yew-row, but we have alot of
"winterburn". So I
have to "wrap in plastic" over the winter.

The animals are a overall benefit to the plants because of their
constant manure
and fertilizer, especially the urine of its nitrogen.

So I am rather wanting of the animals in the landscaping, and they
force me to
clean up the "wild spots" as they wander into them and start eating
the grass
and weeds and brush.

I tried a Scottish Highlander bull this spring but found him too
destructive so am
waiting for a cow next year and will try to pasture the cow with a
donkey. I do
not want the animals to be lonely for they are social and need a

I let the pony interface with other animals across the fence. If I
have the pony
with the donkey or Llama, the pony does too much running and running
the landscaping. And the pony loves a spot near a toolshed that has a
which reflects to the pony his body, so he is fooled in thinking that
he is near
another pony. So I will try to get a mirror into a window so the pony
is even
more calm.

So in landscaping with animals gives me the practice of getting to
know what is
best for all concerned, for the plants and for the animals.

Archimedes Plutonium
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whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
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