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On The Origins Of People, Mr. Obama Get Started, Now, Please!
Zoo Park Living

A Word On How We Should Live As People

Since people are highly advanced living organisms, and since we got
our start in the plant world, as plants, we are, plants. We are all so
highly sophisticated as plants, we wonder why do toe nails grow, or
fingernails, or why does hair grow, or eye brow hairs and eye lashes,
along with ear hairs, and facial hairs. There is no sensitivity to
them but they do perform functions. They are like dried or dead pieces
of matter that just seem, some of them, to get longer and longer, if
we don't cut our hair, or if we don't trim our toe nails and finger
nails. These are plant remnants of our plant heritage and they grow
like bark, limbs, or leaves.

All animals are plants, but of a different kind than we normally think
of plants. That means, we don't think of apes, or monkeys as plants,
but apes form one type of plants, and monkeys form another type of
plants. In other words, we all got our start in the plant world, and
we can't say, there is a defining line here, were we became something

We call ourselves humans, but we are just plants. Lady plants have a
little flower right between their legs. Gentlemen plants have a little
flower right between their legs. They are permanently attached, and
they never fall off. But they are flowers, none the less.

Once we realize we are merely plants, it makes things more sensible to
realize, we should build our societies as groups of plants.

What does that mean? Well, all the Puerto Rican people, or people
plants get together, and live and work together, as Puerto Rican
plants. How they set up their living 'stations', their bed or sleeping
quarters, is not of much importance, since we expect all the people in
the group, to be honest, friendly, kind, generous, trustworthy, and so
forth. If there are mean ones among the group, you just cut off the
head, and that is the end of that. There is no plant left to bother
people, and normal people get along, real friendly like.

The person who cut the head off the person who was mean, has to be
able to prove the person was mean. Once he or she proves in a
courtroom the person was mean, he or she gets a fine, and goes back
home, to live with his or her friends in their group. Witnesses can
testify, and every thing can be solved, and the fine can help pay for
removal of the body, and the disposal of the body, by feeding it to
zoo animals in zoo parks where there are animals that like to eat
meat, for instance, and the costs for trial, and jail house food and
housing. Society is less one mean person, and every one will get
along, much nicelier, now.

As plants, female plants, that is, female humans, some times like to
live and bunk, or sleep in the sleeping quarters of female plants, I
mean, other female humans. But some times, they like to bunk, or
sleep, and make love, and have sex, with the guys, so they bunk in the
male sleeping quarters area.

Life couldn't be simpler, once people get used to living like this,
and people just have storage space, or lockers, foot lockers, or
wardrobe cabinets to store their valuables in. We don't want people
stealing other people's valuables, of course, so there is a problem
there. What do you do? Well, you find out who stole what, and you take
them to court, and you fine them. It's pretty simple. There are
answers and solutions for every situation, but this is how we
basically should be living, as plants live, in groups.

We don't need to be living in the tiny boxes, apartments, or homes,
with one family in each 'box' or set of 'boxes'. We need to be living
in gymnasium style living quarters, with general bathing and swimming
for all in the center, and people's sleeping stations, bunking
quarters, placed around the outside edge of the gymnasium, but on the
inside of the gymnasium. The gymnasium doesn't have to be square. It
can be oval or contoured in an oval shape. That way, there is a lot of
room and people won't feel like they are in a 'box'. It also helps
with the accoustics, and if designed properly, it can keep the noise
levels down. If things get too noisy, downstairs below, people can
find bunking quarters, that is, private rooms for groups or
individuals, were they can get some sleep by themselves, or with just
a few friends. Toileting facilitities need to be placed out of the
way, off to areas where there aren't any people bunking, so you set up
dividers, with plants growing inside the gymnasium as the dividers,
and that hides the people and the noises they make, and it keeps
frustrations low. The ceilings on the first deck can be high enough to
allow for enough fresh air to circulate.

You might want to build into the facility, a third level down, too,
where it is all showering, bath tub, and toilet facilities. A fourth
level down can be a recreation area, for excercising, and so on. A
fifth level down could be for one on one or small group kinky type,
playtime sex fetish activities, in privately reserved rooms.

Domed, ovalesque gymnassiums may be able to be built with better earth
quake proofing in areas where earth quakes typically occur if built
with quality, durable materials. With the right design structure
systems, the ovalesque gymnasium roofs can be replaced, periodically,
in sections.

There should be no laws about nakedity, nudity, such as, you have got
to wear cloths, or you'll go to jail, and there should be no laws on
sex in public, so long as it does not interfere with other people's
activities, because every one is living together in the same zoo park
facilities. Nakedidy, or lewdnesss is a concept that does not exist in
the plant world.

Since we are plants, set for sexual and erotic action from the days we
open our eyes, I suppose, there should be no laws on who can sex with
who, and age limits as to how old you have to be to enjoy reasonable
sex and enjoy and participate in mutually consenting erotic behavior
can be eliminated. So long as we have our anti-pregnancy plants, there
should be no problems with unwanted pregnancies, and women can decide
for themselves when they want to have their child or children. The
kids can be raised commununally, and so that gives lots of work to
women, who are the primary caretakers of young children.

Since we are all plants, student teacher erotic relationships should
be accepted, and professional vs. client erotic relationships should
be accepted, and generally, all mutually consenting relationships
should be accepted. With the anti-pregnancy plants in our diet, women
won't have a worry about unwanted pregnancies and they can enjoy fully
an erotic sex life with who ever it is who has a mutually consenting
ackknowlegdgement with.

I am calling them zoo parks, because they are kind of like zoo parks
with all the living animals, that is, with the animals and the trees
and bushes, and vines, which are all animals. Even molecules are
alive, and animals of a kind, but we are just not familiar with them
as a life form because they are too tiny to study closely. There are
particals smaller than molecules that are also alive, but they again
are of a different life form, and we don't have the technologies to
study them. They are smart though, and they do a lot of work for us,
from one end of this universe, to the other, and everywhere in
between. The fact is, our universe is gigantic, and it is continually
evolving, every day, every where. If we could see to the outest most
fringes, we would see a hazy, pinkish greyish fog color and a lot of
matter. One day we'll have the technologies to study the outermost
fringes, possibly, but possibly not, as it is so far out to the
outermost fringes, it might already be beyond our best technological
capabilities, nearly, to see that far.

We can't have cats living in these zoo parks, or dogs, or we can have
special zoo parks for people who like pets, because pets should have
their own zoo parks, where they can live and grow, and be harvested
for meat and furs, and whatever other parts, such as eyeballs from
dogs that can replace damaged or non-functioning human eyeballs if you
have the technologies for it, and we don't need them in our home space
area zoo parks cause a lot of people don't really care too much about
pets, and in some cultures, around the world, dogs are raised and
eaten, and mice are eaten, cockroaches are eaten, so you don't need to
raise and become friendly with dogs or cats in the general zoo parks,
if you are going to eat them, or sell them to others for them to eat.
Outside, you can have trees, and bushes, and lots of birds, and other
animals such as squirrels, who like to lead solitary lives, or
chipmunks, and so on.

Life would be a lot friendlier for people, once we get rid of the mean
and bad people, who can't live peacefully with others, and the needs
and costs for jail house space would shrink, and most every one would
be working and living, together.

We could have special zoo parks for the handicapped, such as the kids
and adults who have downs syndrome, or who are mentally retarded, and
we could have workers there, helping them with their day to day chores
of keeping their zoo park living areas, clean, sanitary, and safe.

That's how we ought to be living, and on planets where people are more
sophisticated, and where they understand our heritage, that we were
originally, plants, and that we evolved from plants, some places used
to be set up like that. Now, I don't know anymore, since I can't see
far out into space, and look at other planets where people are living,
since we don't have the technologies to see what is going on. We don't
have the telescope technologies we need, and our sciences are far
behind, because we are always getting involved in wars and spending
all our tax revenues that are collected from workers, with other
countries, such as, these days, the Arabs.

There are lots of ideas for building a society we could have, were
every one lives in zoo parks, and it really doesn't matter whose child
is whose, since we are all plants, and we need to mix our mates up,
all the time, in our zoo park groups, to keep evolution going, just as
it is in our normal plant world.

Anyway, there are a lot of people on this planet, and there are scarce
resources, so we need to start thinking in terms of new and different
ways of living, if we want to survive on a clean and healthy planet,
where all the animals, the creatures or plants in the soils of the
seas and oceans, lakes, and rivers, and the creatures swimming around
in the water of the seas and oceans, lakes, and rivers, as well as the
creatures living on land, all the different types.

It is the religions of the world, from way back, even from before the
time of the Roman's paganistic religions, when people started to worry
about who is whose son or daughter. Every one started worrying about
who was whose son or daughter and who was the father of the boy or
girl. In religions, that became important, and is still important,
because the ministers and jewish rabbis like to collect revenuek, that
is, money from the parish participants. So the priests, ministers,
rabbis, and other religious workers set up rules for people to live in
societies, and we are now stuck with what we have.

People back then, didn't know about zoo park living, and how to build
useful zoo parks to live communally in, and how to organize society,
and so forth, so we had little village, after little village, and
people lived in little boxes, or sometimes big castles, that is, big
boxes, or they lived out doors if they couldn't afford or pay to live
indoors like a lot of people do the world over, today. There are
people living in garbage dumps, in some countries, and that is where
they find their food, as well.

I think it would be a good idea to change the laws, and make nudity a
non-issue, and public living, in communal zoo park gymnasiums, the
standard, if we are going to begin to survive on a clean and unsoiled
planet. We have so much pollution, we don't know what to do, and it is
just going to get worse, as the years go by. We can't go on, letting
the rich get richer, and letting the poor stay poor. We need to build
and arrange new zoo parks for every one to live in, in every city in
the world. If people can get together in major collesiums for loud
games, such as football or soccer, and tolerate it, we can build life
style zoo parks, for small groups of similar plants, that is, similar
people who are generally of the same ethnic type. If people want to
live, all mixed up, with different ethnic types all living together,
happily and peacefully under the same roof, that's fine, too. Anyway,
that's the way we have got to go, because things are getting just too
messy, every where you look and pollution is going to get to be a very
serious problem, every where, in the years to come.

We can build experimental zoo parks for people living in countries
where there are no places for poor to live and where there are people
living in garbage dumps, or in ruined, old, wrecked buildings. Lots of
kids will get food and medicine that way, and their hygiene and health
will improve. We just have to settle on new types of rules every one
has to agree to live by, and if some one gets their head beaten up by
an angry group of people, because the person was mean to others, we
don't put every one in jail for life. We just ask what the
circumstances were, and we learn how people got along with each other,
and we learn the facts, and people will just have to accept that the
person did not have the right to live any more, since the person was
causing problems for every one, and every one who needs to be fined
will be fined accordingly.

Well, it's a nice idea, but there is probably no funding available for
study into this, and for supporting the building of experimental zoo
parks, but some one in government had better start thinking about
these types of things, and we need to spend less on wars, and less on
military planes and fighter jets, carriers, and then we could easily
begin funding study, and projects, that could be the begining of a
whole new age and the begining of zoo park living.

I think that is the sensible way to go, so we'll see what happens,
after Mr. Obama is elected. If Mr. McCain is elected, you will never
see a cut back in spending on wars and on war machines, such as air
fighter jets, or nuclear submarines and nuclear carriers, since Mr.
McCain was an air force pilot, and likes ships, and doesn't mind that
the U.S. is the "cop" or policeman of the world.

We call Amerika, a global cop country. That means our country wants to
patrol everywhere, and send our military to places that we need to
send them to, to "maintain" the "peace". That means, 'secure our
interests'. Secure our interests means, keep things the way they are,
with little or no change happening. When things change, and things
happen, every one is afraid of the unpredictable and of what may
happen as a result. We can think of many things that can go wrong, and
mess up the way of life for a lot of people, but it is nearly endless,
so I won't go there and discuss it.

Eventually, people who don't want to settle down and believe they are
just a type of plant, will have to be mandated to live in zoo parks,
and work in zoo parks. There can be transitional zoo park
establishments set up, as well. Eventually, things will get worked

Maybe it will take a nuclear catastrophe, or some type of shocking
development, to get people headed in this new way of thinking, that we
are just plants, and we need to start living in zoo parks, and working
in zoo parks.

Whatever, I think people should start thinking about this, soon, as we
have limited resources, and once Mr. Obama gets into office, I think
he had better look at this seriously, and get everybody on board with
him, and then start the planning for financing for the study of this,
and the implementation of this.

There will be a lot of people opposed to zoo park living, and lots of
demonstrations will be held, and people will get noisy about it,
because people are basically greedy, and they want to keep every thing
they have.

They want the houses they live in, they want the furniture they
bought, and for them, moving into zoo parks, doesn't seem like a
comfortable idea since they are used to living alone all their lives,
in their minds.

It won't be easy, and there will be lots of unrest, demonstrations,
lynchings, fights, and who knows what else, but it has to be done, and
people all need to be re-educated, and told that they are just a type
of plant, and nothing special.

That won't settle well in a lot of people's minds, but it is the
truth, and people will have to get used to it, and learn to live
together with each other, in these new zoo park communities. That way,
we solve lots of problems on scarce and limited resources, and we can
stabilize our planet.

We can also learn what plants are good for keeping down the birth
rate, and so on. We can learn a lot about this, from lots of South
American Andean people, and others, who have a lot of knowledge about
this. Indigenous types of people who live on the land and who have
lived for generations working the land, know lots of things.

In Peru, there are plants that help keep the birth rate to zero, and
people have babies only when they want to have babies. Keeping the
birth rate down will help with overcrowding, and the fear of too many
people on this planet, or the population getting out of control, with
the scarce resources we have, won't happen.

We can also study and learn from the indigenous people more about what
kinds of plants are useful for infections, bacteria, and other
sexually transmitted organisms, and we can learn how to fight them.
Lots of people, already know the plants to use to keep down
infections, and to improve lactate juices, and to improve sexual
health, and to help with all around good sexual and physical health,
as well as plants that can be used for treating disabling conditions
such as cancers and tumors.

Plants, and we are plants, remember, live symbiotically, that is, hand
in hand, so we need to understand what plants will help us with what
problems we have, because plants help each other, and we have to help
plants live.

We are fed by plants, and we are nourished by plants, and our sexual
health is helped by plants, such as by the Peruvian Purple potato, or
the Maca Radish Root, so we need to learn what plants will do what.
And to learn that, we need to go directly to the small towns and
villages around the world, and especially in Peru, and South America
and Central America, where there are lots of people who know about
lots of plants that will help us live better. We have plants all over
the world which will help us, if we can learn the knowledge the local,
indigenous people know, about these plants. Plants help to maintain
not only nourishment, but also our health, so we have to look into
this more, and learn all we can about it.

We can easily find out what plants local people use to fight off what
illnesses to get well again. But we need funding for this, and we have
the medical community, especially the American Medical Association,
and the American Pharmaceutical Association, which have big groups of
people with large and deep pockets, that is, big expense bank
accounts, to help pay the government workers, the congressmen and
congresswomen, and other politicians, the money to influence them. We
need to get rid of greedy politicians, and put into congress just
about all women, then we will see changes take place. Women are
generally a point or two smarter than men are. That's because women
have all the baby making equipment inside them, and there are brain
systems attached to all the baby making equipment. Those brain systems
make women just slightly more capable than males. Women are good in
management, and men are good at general labor and all around type
handy-man type jobs.

Even though Ms. Palin is running for vice president, she is in the
pocket of greedy companies that give money to Republican leaders and
even office workers to help influence them and to influence the way
they think. We have to have a stop put to this kind of 'influence
buying', globally, at all levels of society, not only in congress.
Influence buying will happen anywhere in the world, where people are.
People won't speak up and tell others what they know if they are paid
to not speak about things that can help us with our health and medical
conditions, for example.

I think the Christian network of workers around the world has a lot to
do with this because they are the ones who big companies can go to,
and ask them to do favors for them, and then bribe them, and have them
give money or presents to the local people to keep them quiet. This is
how it is in South America, anyway, I think it is this way, all around
the world with the Christian network of workers.

There are problems of all types, but we will find, once we get rid of
the Christian and religious networks of workers, that things will
slowly change, and people will start talking about what they know
about, especially if you hire the people as consultants, and pay them
a salary to help you with your research.

Your research is for a good cause, and it is not the same thing as
bribing, or influence buying. You are paying knowlegdgeable people for
their expertise, and you will find lots of people with lots of
expertise in these matters in Peru, and throughout South America, and
I suppose, Canada, and the rest of the world, where there are lots of
indigenous people, even in Amerika, where we can find lots of
indigenous people living. It is these people we need to find and ask
for assistance.

Anyway, it is about time something is done about this, because we
can't wait till the last minute in each civilization around the world.
We have to act with good timing, and it is time to get started, now.

I'm sure, when all the bits and pieces come together, that is, when
all the needed people come up, and come forward, and begin working on
this project, I know it will all work out well. We are plants. We just
need to realize it, and we need to understand that plants live
symbiotically, hand in hand with each other for the benefit of each
other. We've been ignoring our plant friends, in many places, for a
long time, so it is time to get to know more about all of them, and
make friends with them, the ones that walk on the ground that we call
animals, or the ones that fly in the air, or swim in the sea, or the
ones that are rooted in the soil, on land, and under the sea, ocean,
or in park streams, and in rivers that we call plants.

Plants provide us with air to breath, don't they? And lots of plants
provide us with food to eat, and there are lots of animals that walk,
or fly, or swim, that also provide us with food, so they are our most
valuable friends, besides each other of us.

Let Mr. Obama know you think this needs to be looked into, and let the
governments of the world, around the world, also know that they need
to look into this. That way, every one can get started at the same


NICHE541 10-06-2008 03:54 AM

On The Origins Of People, Mr. Obama Get Started, Now, Please!
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If we are plants then you can explain why I learned in highschool
biology that plants have cell walls and we dont?
this is sick stupid rambling. 10-10-2008 04:39 AM

On The Origins Of People, Mr. Obama Get Started, Now, Please!
Evolution - The Real Story?

We all started out in the same soup on this planet, after this planet

Plants came up one ladder, and animals came up another ladder, but we
all got our start in the same soup, and we are all related.

We have different machinery inside of us. Those of us who came up the
animal ladder, we have complicated machinery. Those of us, our
cousins, who came up the plant ladder, have generally less complicated
machinery on the surface. But we are all related because we got our
start in the same soup.

We animals, borrowed from the plant community the same mechanism for
making babies. That mechanism we can see in flowers, and it is called
flowers pollinating other flowers.

In animals, it's the penis and vagina. The penis functions as the male
flower for pollinating purposes. The vagina functions in the female
flower for being pollinated and for making babies.

We animals, us humans, also borrowed other things from the plant
community as we evolved. We have a head of hair on our head and it
functions like the top of a plant, but providing shade for the body of
the animal below.

Plants have leaves, and the leaves provide shade for the body of the
plant. Plant leaves also like to eat up sunlight animals.

This hair that grows on our heads, grows like plant bark grows but we
also have hair on our body, that grows like plant bark grows. It gives
the body of the animal warmth. Bark on a tree gives the tree warmth,
too. We have finger nails and toe nails that grow like plant bark
grows protecting what is underneath.

We have other bark that grows on our body, and it is called skin. It
is closer to a plant's membranous tissue that covers what is

We have testes and penises, us men, and they form the equivalent of
the male flower. Women have vaginas and wombs, and some other related
machinery, like fallopian tubes, and they form what is the equivalent
of the female flower.

The male flower sends out particals, that are pollinating particals,
and they go into the machinery of the female flower, and that
pollinates the female flower and a baby flower is produced.

The male animal walks up to the female animal, and sticks its penis
into the vagina of the female animal, and squirts pollinating juices
into it and those juices pollinate the female animal's baby making
machinery, and it makes a baby.

We aren't anything special, when you think about it. The only
difference is we learned to move about. We got ourselves, or
developed, legs and feet, and, earlier, as four footed creatures, we
used our front arms and hands with our legs and feet, to move about.

Plants never evolved in that direction, and instead, they have their
mouthes at their roots and on their leaves. Their roots are also their
feet and legs. And their branches are their arms and hands. Their
leaves are a little like fingers are.

We all got our start out of the same soup, but we used different
strategies to get the same things done. We have different strategies
for getting the food we want and we have different strategies for
eating. We also have different strategies for pooping. We animals poop
out what we don't need. Plants fume it out.

Plants developed lots of strategies for pollinating other plants
because plants can't get up and walk over and stick a penis of a male
plant into the flower cup or vagina of a female plant to pollinate the
female flower vagina and to make a baby flower plant.

There are lots of strategies plants have developed for pollinating
purposes. Animals, though, don't have lots of strategies for
pollinating purposes, they just stick the male penis into the female
vagaina, and then squirt in pollinating fluids.

But, even though we came up different ladders, we have
responsibilities for each other, and we are supposed to be living
symbiotically, or hand in hand, so lots of plants realize this, and
they provide us with food, or medicine.

We, on the other hand, are supposed to be responsible too, for the
welfare of our plant cousins and we are supposed to be living
symbiotically or hand in hand with them.

To live hand in hand with them, we are supposed to give back to them,
what they give to us. That means, we are supposed to deposit our dung
at the base of the tree, or at the base of a bush, on in the corn
fields, or at the base of the row of flower bushes, and then they'll
get nourishment they wouldn't be able to get, any other way.

If we give back to them our dung and our pee juices, then they know we
are trying to live hand in hand with them. They will then provide us
with things that will help us. They will give us the food we want to
harvest from them, but they will also provide us with things like
berries that are medicinal, or flowers that are medicinal, or maze,
corn, radishes, or potatoes that are medicinal.

As a test example, we need to eat winter wheat grass or mung beans,
the type that grows or sprouts and grows in water. We eat it and then
we poop it out, and we take our pee and poop and pour that in a tank,
and grow more winter wheat grass or more mung beans. This time, the
winter wheat grass or mung beans that sprout and grow in the water
will be a little more medicinal, if there is anything wrong with us.
They know when there are things wrong with us, like when we have
parasites, herpes, or cancer, and so on. We will get back after one or
two or three or four or up to fifteen harvests, or so, more and more
useful winter wheat grass or mung beans, that will cure our condition
of having parasites, or herpes, or cancer.

It is that easy to get medicine from them. They know and understand
that we need to be healthy to make babies, and they also know that
women need to have healthy milk juices to feed babies. They know that
men and women need to be healthy to make kids, and they want to see us
make kids so that we can live hand in hand with them and continue
giving nutrients to them. They will produce the needed medicines and
nutrients for our health in the winter wheat grass, or mung beans, or
even in fields of corn, or fields of dogwood flowers, or fields of
rose bushes, or orchards of tangerines, or orchards of persimmons, in
the food they provide to us. We can eat flowers, but no one knows
that, or at least not that many people know that. I don't know how
many flowers each day we can eat, but I think we can eat one or two,
or maybe up to ten roses, in a day, for a few days, for example.

All we need to do is give them our dung and pee, that came out of us
after we ate some of their food. Once we do that, they will analyze
it, and they will figure out what it is that is wrong with our health.
Once they do that, they will start communicating with their friends,
and talking back and forth with their friends, which they do

They will figure out how to provide us with the chemicals in the foods
that they provide and that we need to improve our health. It is that
simple to make medicine and get well. We just need to work hand in
hand, or symbiotically, giving and taking back and forth, with our
plant friends.

They want nutrients. And we have to provide them with nutrients if we
are going to be responsible as their symbiotic pals. They are all
waiting for us to become pals with them. So we don't want to
unnecessarily trim or prune trees, or shrubs, because that is the same
thing as mutilation. You wouldn't mutilate a friend, would you? Well,
they don't want you to mutilate them, because they just want to grow
and provide food and medicine for us.

We are all members of the same family, basically, and they know it,
and they know we can provide to them, lots of nutrients they can not
get. They know we can walk around, and give them nutrients, if we want
to, by defecating or pooping, and urinating or peeing on the ground
around them, so lots of them are willing to work with us, and provide
us with things that will make us healthy if we are willing to work
with them, and give them our poop and pee as nutrients for them. If we
act responsibly, and provide our nutrients to them, then we will get
their cooperation and the food they provide to us will be even useful
to us as we go along, than we expected.

We are not smart enough to make medicines for ourselves, but they are
specialists in this area, and they know how to make medicines, real
well. We can get their cooperation, by working hand in hand with them,
and then they will provide us with the medicine that we need.

We didn't know this, but plants are very smart. Their ability to think
is there, one hundred percent, and they can communicate with each
other, meditatively. They are smart, and they learned how to talk to
each other, a long time ago. They can even talk to their friends on
other planets they are so good at meditative communication.

So there are those plants that will cooperate with us, and there are
those that won't. Those that won't have ideas of their own, but that's
a long story. They are basically very selfish, and they are just
waiting for enough time to pass, many of them, until they evolve far
enough, to get special talents like their friends on other planets.
Then they don't need our help, at all, and for the most part, they
don't want to have anything to do with us, some or maybe many of them.
Those special talents include eating people. But I don't want to go
into that, because I've written about them, already, and I've called
them, beamers. You can find information on beamers plants that I've
written about, a little any way, if you do a Google search.

Anyway, we shouldn't spend time worrying about beamers, too much, but
we should worry and understand that we are members of the same family
and that we all came from the same soup. That is, we all evolved out
of the same soupy mass. That's how I call it. The soupy mass is where
we really got started evolving. They all know this, but we don't.

We think we are something special, but we aren't. So it is time now to
learn how to cooperate with our plant friends. Once we do, and once we
start getting their cooperation, then we'll get the medicines from
them to cure our illnesses, no matter what they are, because they know
we need to make babies, and they know that we need to be healthy to
make babies, and they know that we can not make babies if we are not
healthy. So they will provide us with the medicines that we need to
get us healthy.

We can prove this to ourselves if we know what energies frequencies
signatures are. Once we are able to learn what an energy frequency
signature looks like, and feels like, smells like, sounds like, and
even tastes like, then we can figure out how to detect them.

We can make sniffer technologies that will detect energies
frequencies, for example. If we are able to detect a particular type,
and if we are able to put that onto a video display, then we can
assign a color to it, and we can then see on a monitor when there is
that energy frequency signature animal in the area.

Energy frequency signatures are animals. Some of them taste one way,
and some of them taste another way. If we can detect how they taste,
then we can assign a color to that taste, and when we taste it in the
area, with the technologies we use, we will know it is there.

Energy frequency signature animals also evolved, but they are very
primitive, compared to us, most of them, anyway, I suspect. We just
need to understand what kind of animal they evolved into, and then we
figure out what they smell like, and what they taste like, and how
good they taste to plants, for example. But we can also hear some of
them making chattering noises, like radioactive energies frequencies
signatures animals. We can see them, if we have the right
technologies. But any way, they did evolve, just like we did, and they
evolved out of the same soupy mass that we evolved out of. It's just
we don't know what they look like, or sound like, and so on. But if we
work a little bit on thinking about it, lots of brainy people will
figure out how to detect them.

This is molecular sciences, primary school stuff. Maybe even
kindergarten class level stuff. I'm not sure. Anyway, if we know what
we are looking for, what they smell like, and what they taste like,
and what they sound like because they make chattering noises some of
them, what their rates of travel are, and other things about them,
then when we learn how to detect them.

If we have our test samples set up and our technologies set up
properly, we can tell there is sulfur in this pot of mung beans, along
with a hundred million other types of things. Maybe there aren't that
many, but there are a lot, and if we figure out what they all are, and
what they all sound like, and taste like, and smell like, and so on,
we can figure out what the mung beans are making for us and what the
chemicals are in the mung beans.

If we have our experiment set up properly using our mung beans for
example, we then use our fecal matter or poop or dung, and our urine
or pee juices. We eat the mung beans, and then pee and poop out what
comes out. We then give it to the mung beans who are growing and see
what they do with it.

They know we have to make babies and that we need to be healthy to
make babies, as I said, so they will check for problems in our poop
and pee. When they find them, they will produce maybe some of the
things that we need to correct what our problems are, if they have all
the nutrients they need for doing that. If they don't have all the
nutrients, they'll communicate, meditatively, with their friends.
They'll ask them if they have the nutrients needed, and if they can
make something that will be useful. In the end, we'll get more and
more useful mung beans, and maybe even better corn, useful roses,
medicinal limes and persimmons, and so on.

They will work together to make all the nutrients needed to correct
our health problems so that we can make babies. We might need to set
up several types of crops growing, plus flowers of many types.
Dogwoods are good, I know. But there are others that are also good.
Lime trees are also good. Persimmon trees are also good.

After a while, we use our technologies to check to see what the
energies frequencies signatures are. Then in our food, we'll find the
medicine that we need to correct our health and make us healthy so
that we can make babies. We can then prove to us that they are trying
to work in harmonious unity, or symbiotically with us.

It's pretty simple, when we work hand in hand with our plant friends.
They've been waiting for us to figure this out, that they are smart
and that they are waiting to work with us, so now it is time to get
started on these projects to prove to ourselves that this is true.

Jonjon 10-19-2008 04:38 AM

On The Origins Of People, Mr. Obama Get Started, Now, Please!
Evolution 101 - A Correction On My First Paper

Two Tiers To Evolution

There are two tiers to evolution. First there are the radiations
animals, light animals, electrical currents animals, energies animals
of many types and kinds, frequencies animals, pitch animals, pressures
animals, spectrums animals, imitative sounds animals, echo animals,
chatter noises animals, color reflective and refractive animals,
plasmas animals, lights animals, and many other types of little
animals including many types of molecules animals, as well. They are
in the world of the the "little people" as I call it, the world of
tiny animals and intelligent life forms of many kinds. This universe
is brimming over with those types of little animals, and little
intelligent life forms we can not see, as the biggest of them might be
way smaller than the smallest of molecules, and there are many types
and sizes of molecules. There are oodles and oodles of tiny animals we
know nothing about because we can't see them.

Second, after we had the substances to evolve planets and stars, the
second tier evolved and they are the big animals and plants that we
see every day, throughout our universe.

Seeds of Life

The seeds of life are every where throughout our universe. When
planets become suitable with mudpots bubbling up on them, then life
can begin forming and the seeds of life come wafting in on the solar
currents. The seeds of life are little pollen grains. There are pollen
grain seeds of life for many forms of life to evolve up from in our

That is why, we can go from from planet to planet in our universe and
we will see not only plant life forms similar, as well as dissimilar,
everywhere, but we can also see life forms of those who came up
different ladders from the pollen grains like seeds of life that came
wafting in.

So we have the Chinese, the Mexicans, Africans of many types from many
different pollen grain like seeds of life as well as all the other
ethnic groups of peoples, such as the Polynesians, Inuits, Whites of
many types, and so on. They all came up different ladders of
evolution, and now we have all the many ethnic races that we do on
this planet as well as every where else throughout our universe.

The grasses and plants evolved first, to feed on the different tiny
animals that they could feed on with their leaves spread out to catch
them. Later animals evolved out to feed on the grasses and plants
animals of all kinds on land and in the seas. Many evolutionary
"ladders" were established. And up came all the many types of living
beings we see in the second tier.

Eroticy, sexuality, and promiscuity are the keys to evolution for
human beings. You stimulate the hairless bodies of each other sexually
and erotically, and you end up with a bigger and better brain. Those
animals who can't stimulate sexually each other freely will never make
it to the smarts line, the line where their brains finally are big
enough, that intelligence kicks in along with self awareness, and many
other things.

If you don't stimulate each other's genitals "flowers" and bodies and
get each other going erotically there is no development of the brain.
If you have an eroticable body, then you can stimulate each other
sexually and erotically and that pushes up your brain development. We,
humans, are the only animals with eroticable bodies since our skin is
filled with sensory stimulator cells, exciter cells, and other types
of cells that allow us to enjoy erotic lifestyles.

Cats too, and dogs too, can be eroticized, but they don't do it to
each other. Their bodies are hard to get eroticized since they are
covered with fur or hairs.

We are the only ones who can do it to each other, and as we do it, our
brain capacities grow. That's why we made it over the smarts line
first as animals.

Trees and bushes have "brain" like mechanisms that work collectively
together and that allowed the trees or bushes to make it over the
smarts line too. They started out very small, but they grew in size,
and evolved up, and eventually, they developed into massive trees, for
example, with lots of brain machinery that works for them as brain
machinery works for us. They can't eroticize each other but the winds,
and temperatures can, and they are intelligent, regardless of the fact
that they are trees and bushes. Lots have made it past the "smarts"
line, and they are as intelligent as we are.

They have tiny brain like structures in the tiny electron microscopic
sized cellular structures. When they grew enough of them, they got
their smarts, and many learned to meditate and call out telepathically
to others, and they got very good at it working as a unit or
collectively with many other plants or trees of the same type. They
collectively put all their brain power together, and meditatively and
telepathically communicate to far off planets, to their relatives and
they learn what has been figured out by them.

Trees and plants communicate with each other, meditatively and
telepathically in their own languages. They do this because they've
got the brain like structures working together collectively in the
tiny electron microscopic sized cellular structures.

The brains in some animals may stay small or peanut sized, and they
never make it to the smarts line the point of intelligence and self
awareness because they don't eroticize each other enough and they will
not hit the smarts line.

As we evolved from monkey like primitive human being status with not
much smarts, yet, with our hairless bodies we stimulated each other's
hairless erotic bodies and when you do that, you stimulate the brain
and the brain grows in size, gradually, over many generations.
Eventually you make it to the smarts line, the line of intelligence
and self awareness. Those hairy animals will never make it to the
smarts line unless they are given 'x' number or extra years for the
brains to develop. Eventually some might make it but they might look
like a gorilla, or a cat, or a wolf, or who knows what.

Also, humans have the erotic nervous systems that are needed to
stimulate the brain enough to make it grow and develop. Without them,
without those erotic nervous systems, humans would never have made it
to the smarts line and we would still be a primitive form of our
earlier self. We evolved directly up from tiny pollen grain like
beginings, into what we are today, in the warm seas, and other safe
places where there were no predators to snack on us.

Many plants on the other hand have made it to the smarts line because
they have what functions for them as an erotic nervous system and they
have been around a long time and grew into more complex living
entities. They can tell when it is hot, or cold, or when a cool,
soothing wind is blowing.

They've got what functions for them as brains in each tiny
microscopic, electron microscopic sized cellular structure and those
brains function collectively as one gigantic brain in big trees and

Many have been around for so long, that helped them to develop into
complex entities with what functions for them as their erotic sensory
systems and that allowed them to cross the smarts line. Some of them
are still at puppy dog stage mentally because they haven't had enough
time yet to develop and they don't have the more advanced erotic
sensory systems. But one day, way down the road, they may reach the
smarts line too, with the sensory systems they have, if given enough
time, and then they'll be as smart as humans are. Those big trees in
Yosemite, have very dull sensory systems, and they may not develop
into any thing that is self aware, for a very long time, if at all.

Some of our plants and trees are as smart as human beings, and nobody
knows it. That's because they've been around for so incredibly long,
evolving into complex entitities with lots of brain machinery in them
and with their more active sensory systems. They finally got
stimulated enough, they developed smarts and made it to the smarts

Many animals will eventually hit the smarts line, too, if their breed
evolves and it continues long enough and doesn't get wiped out.

That's why we've got animals in this universe, that are smart, and are
just as smart as humans, and they look like cats, or they look like
wolves, but they hit the smarts line because their breed was around
for a long enough time to develop the brainal sensitivities and brain
machinery needed to reach the smarts line.

Once they hit the smarts line, they are human beings, no matter what
they look like and bad people who are always doing bad things, end up
being born into these groups of animal human beings who look like
animals, and who are always fighting with each other and doing nasty
or mean things to others. That's why gang bangers, for example, will
one day end up being born not as human beings like us, but they'll be
born as bad and mean animal human beings that hit the smarts line
because their breed had been around long enough.

Our universe is filled with these kinds of people. It's their karma to
be that way and look that way and be smart but they may look like a
giraffe for example. The animals are abominations of humans, as I call
it, and they suffer, always fighting, as they've got that kind of
karma and the animalistic heritage that goes along with that karma,
too strongly in them even though they reached the smarts line as a
human being in previous lifes, a long time ago.

They don't know how to live peacefully, and even if they did, they
wouldn't want to. It's their karma to be that way, so you'd better
watch out about the types of people you associate with, and stay away
from the mean, and unkind ones. Otherwise, one day, you might end up
being born into an animal family, that is at the smarts line and they
all are constantly being mean to each other and to others, for
example. We've got plenty of these types of folks in our universe.
They used to be normal human beings, but they went from one life to
the next, and they were meaner than hell.

As a result, they ended up being born into a family of smarts line
finish line crossers wolf people for example, that are mean and nasty
and that does mean or violent things to others.

It took us a long time to reach the smarts line, but we finally did,
and we evolved directly up from what we were as a tiny pollen grain
like seed of life and now we are the ones with the responsibility to
look after all others as care takers on this planet.

We imitated the flowers, and started out with a vagina flower
developing on the female and a penis flower developing on the male and
there wasn't much more than that to us, except for our erotic nervous
systems, and various tiny organs. Each one would erotically stimulate
each other, and eventually our brain sizes grew, and our bodies
evolved into what they are today and we developed enough brain power
to wake up with self awareness and intelligence. We didn't evolve out
of the monkey groups, as they all have their own 'pollen' like grains
floating around in our universe.

This is evolution 101, or a part of it, and this is how this works.
It's a slight correction from my first paper on this subject, so
please read this one, as this is more correct than my first paper on
this subject.

As such, life is every where throughout our universe, on planet after
planet, and 'hairless' humans with eroticable bodies are every where,
too and there are many types of us, everywhere.

John Ayres

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