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Old 05-18-2008, 03:42 AM
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Default Darwinist Botany


I stayed home today (to serve breakfast and lunch to company),
and just got back to work on my Nostradamus blog, and flipped
on CNN momentarily (since I hardly ever watch "news" anymore),
and caught a few minutes of "Open House", showing how growing
numbers of slave-class, unemployed/underemployed Atheists are
angry and frustrated that they have no money, i.e, not enough
to pay for the exponentially-skyrocketing cost of *Darwinism*,
*Atheism*, *Antichristism*, *Deception*, *Genocide*, *MURDER*!

One of the interviews was with a 67-year old Atheist, who had
lost her Atheist job as a residential home mortgage broker in
Atheist, California, where the cheapest tiny studio apartment
runs $1600/mo! This woman now sleeps in her car at night, and
complained that the hardest part of being homeless is hygiene.
She works two full-time slave-jobs for chinaman's wages $8/hr,
which of course won't hardly buy a lousy "candy bar" any more.

There are still a few Atheists who have money in Atheist, who
can afford their lavish Atheist lifestyles, but even they are
tightening their belts as conditions improve across this evil
land. Once the US Dollar is zeroed out, even the Atheists who
have money will soon possess trillions of worthless portraits
of dead presidents. I believe this is deliberate, systematic,
the ultimate goal of the WOB, to bankrupt Antichrist Atheists
both nationwide and worldwide, to force the Atheist kings of
the earth into the battle of Armageddon. And this will occur
much sooner than the Atheists want to know. Sing Hallelujah!

The CNN report showed the latest nationwide statistics about
skyrocketing Atheist foreclosures, Atheist bankruptcies, and
a long list of Atheistic hardships befalling the slave-class
Atheists across this hideously evil United States of Atheism.
And many Atheist students getting Atheist degrees in Atheist
universities, with the intent of getting an Atheist job that
pays at least slightly above chinaman's wages (15 cents/day),
are finding out the hard way that "skilled" Atheist jobs are
getting harder and harder to come by, with stiff competition
among college-grad Atheists, flooding the Atheist job market,
thus depressing Atheists' wages even further, competing with
Atheist competition overseas, and from south of the "border".

And things are about to get extremely good with the imminent
invasion of Iran forcing oil above $400/bbl., transportation,
economy, coming to a grinding halt, all but for the military
and particularly worldly-rich Atheists, who always have free
money even when money becomes worthless. But they are in the
minuscule minority of Atheists, whereas the vast majority of
Atheists don't always have free money. They shall be *ANGRY*,
and many of them are already getting angry, *ANGRY* ATHEISTS!
And this is only going to get better, and better, and better,
as this entire Atheist Empire is forced into the great games
of Slaughter, that all Atheists are *DEAD* and imprisoned in
Dark Limbo to the Ages of Ages, and all traces of Atheism is
eradicated from the face of God's Earth, Praise Jesus! Amen.

Jesus is *YOUR* King. *EVERY* eye shall see Him, and *EVERY*
knee shall bow. Judgment Day is coming. It won't be cinematic.
And all Atheists shall eventually die and lift up their eyes
in Outer Darkness/Dark Limbo, where the woodbine twineth and
the iceman cometh not, where Atheists are *FORCED* to see God.
It's the fate worse than death. I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy, not even on the *Rabid* inhuman Atheists! C'est la vie!

Armageddon Cometh,
Daniel Joseph Min
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