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Hadamard 08-06-2010 10:17 PM

Biophysics: where?

I am new to biophysics and have a few questions. Currently I am making my B.Sc. in physics and I am considering to continue by studying biophysics (M.Sc.) or physics (M.Sc.) at an university that offers biophysics/neurophysics or quantum physics/quantum biology as a specialization.
  • Is it hard to make up for the needed basics in chemistry? How much knowledge in chemistry do I probably need to make an internship in a biophysical research group?
  • Can someone suggest me some institutes or research groups conducting research concerning biophysics/neurophysics or quantum biology? (preferably in Europe and/or in English)
  • I am already searching for graduate/M.Sc. programs (biophysics or specialization) in Europe, and would be glad about further suggestions.

I appreciate any suggestions and further information and help.

Yours sincerely,

umamaheswar 08-16-2010 06:28 PM

Re: Biophysics: where?
Hi Hadamard,

Good to know that you are interested in Biophysics.

Its a wonderful discipline and you have to learn a lot of chemistry if you are aspiring a carrer in research. But, its not difficult. The principles of chemistry you learnt in schooling were essential to build up and you need to be strong in those foundations.
there are specialized options to study the biomolecules using quantum principles. some equipment like NMR, x-ray crystallography and at cutting edge technologies at synchrotron facilities were used to study the structure of biomolecules. fields like nanobiotechnology, optics, imaging technologies, computational biophysics, neurobiology, single molecule studies, and microfluidics also need personnel from physics background. The list i have mentioned here is not exhaustive. please go through some books like Methods in Molecular Biophysics:Structure, Dynamics, Function to understand the vastness of the field and search for the field that interests you and which give an overview on how far you need to learn the disciplines of biology and chemistry.

There are many opportunities to study biophysics in Europe. Check for some masters program at UK, Sweden, Germany and Swis universities. I am not directing you to study at one particular institute or university because each one is poineer in one particular field. So, you have to decide what you want to study first and try to find the place to study that will foster your academic thirst.

Well, good luck. I spoke just whats in my mind when i saw your question. a detailed answer can be given by a physicist than me.


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