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RobertEagle 02-20-2013 11:30 AM

Biology (Chemistry) related question
Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself:
I'm Robert. I'm new to this forum, just made my account.
The reason I made an account is my wish to know more.

I'm only 17 years old and since I started learning at school, I never felt that I know and understand what I was learned. Maybe because the teachers's way of showing me was wrong, maybe I didn't learned appropriately. The idea was that I never was satisfied of what I was learning at school.

Somehow, I was learning much better alone, like an autodidact. So for example, I've learned alone the informatics, unfortunately just a programming language, for a couple of years, and now everything looks so easy.

Now, I have an upcoming extension of a current project of mine, which involves chemistry and biology. The project involves analyzing and finding patterns in a natural neuron culture network, and for this I need to understand this two fields. I need to ,,understand" how biologically cells work in different tissues, their properties, their absolute values etc. I say ,,understand" because not everything can be true.

The question is: Which field should I choose firstly to learn?
And if you please, could you give me some materials to start with? Tutorials? Maybe Amazon books? For both fields?

Thank you very much,

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