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Biology Forum Biology Forums. Ask questions and discuss the study of Biology. If you have Biology questions from your homework ask them here!

The study said identification of age according to savor

The study said identification of age according to savor - Biology Forum

The study said identification of age according to savor - Biology Forums. Ask questions and discuss the study of Biology. If you have Biology questions from your homework ask them here!

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Old 06-20-2012, 01:57 AM
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Default The study said identification of age according to savor

The old people will emit a distinctive odor, this has nothing to do with [Only registered users see links. ] race, religion or diet. Japanese and even specially created in one word: plus age smelly (kareishu). Most people say they feel this odor is unpleasant, is often described as "sweet and smelly the". However, a new study, the subjects found in a blind sniff test "compared with the young or middle-aged, the elderly appreciate the softer and more pleasant. The perception of childhood spent in Sweden by Johan Lundstrom, a IL8 neuroscientist at the smell of old people are very familiar with, he often accompanied his mother to the nursing home of their work to. Decades later, as the person in charge of a laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Mo Naier chemical perception, he went to another nursing home to make a report. He said: "the same odor again walking towards me." Lundstrom so wondering whether there really some of the IL9 human sense of smell to identify age-related special smell. Although studies have shown that animals can smell to identify other animals age, but no similar studies were conducted in humans. Therefore, Lundstrom and colleagues recruited 20 men and 21 women between the ages of 20-30 years old as a sniffer. These people are healthy non-smokers, and had never taken any drugs.

In the meantime, a group of the donated taste "- by young people (20-30 years), middle-aged (45-55 years) and elderly (75-95 years) constitute - for five ILK consecutive nights wearing armpit stitched absorbing pad T-shirt to sleep. Order to ensure that they release only their own natural body odor, the donated taste "with odorless shampoo and soap to wash hair and body every night at bedtime. They also prohibit smoking, drinking or eating spicy food. The sniffer then smell different ages donated taste "through IMPA1 absorption pad, and these odors have been grouped according to age. The results showed that elderly odor classification accuracy is higher than that of young and middle-aged odor classification accuracy. Researchers in the May 30 Public Library of Science - Comprehensive report on the results of this study in the PLoS One, the online edition. Lundstrom introduced, the real surprise is the answer to the assessment of sniffers were asked to intensity and the degree of unpleasant odor. Despite the smell of the elderly subjects compared to fresh water or an old basement, but when they encounter the smell of the other age groups, the subjects agreed that the old people smell the lowest among the three strength and the least annoying. Lundstrom believes that the reason why people feel the smell of the elderly unpleasant perhaps due to be set in the context of an unattractive, such as a dreary nursing home or living room of an old-fashioned. He stressed: "The environment is an important component of the human sense of smell if you do not know Parmesan is what many people think it smells like vomit." The researchers also found that, when the "flavored" liner was classified according to gender, the subjects usually think that the odor of young men and middle-aged men are most intense and disgusting - they are described as a smell like musk or simple sweat. In contrast, compared with the smell of older women, the smell of the older men that can make people a little more pleasant some. Lundstrom speculated that this may be because with the aging of men, their testosterone levels make it smell more like women, and may attack smaller. Lundstrom noted that the ability to sniff out the age of a person is considered to be an evolutionary advantage. "With the continuous advancement of the human sense of smell, human life has become long and short." He said, may be those who live longer stronger, healthier, smarter and have better the survival of future generations. So they are regarded - or smell - is the most likely partner. The state of Illinois Chicago, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine neurologist Jay by Gottfried believes that human beings have the ability to identify the age according to appreciate the fact that exciting, but the reasons are still not find out. He said: "odor compounds may be generated in each age group there are essentially different, or just because the elderly sweat less."
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