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Spectrophotometry in serum arginase activity detection

Spectrophotometry in serum arginase activity detection - Biology Forum

Spectrophotometry in serum arginase activity detection - Biology Forums. Ask questions and discuss the study of Biology. If you have Biology questions from your homework ask them here!

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Old 06-16-2012, 02:11 AM
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Default Spectrophotometry in serum arginase activity detection

Arginase (ARG1) in the liver can arginine catalyzed hydrolysis of urea and ornithine. Enzyme there is a higher activity level in the serum of patients with liver disease. Therefore, establish a simple, sensitive detection methods have important clinical value. Nitrophenyl acetaldehyde (PNPG) determination of the rest of the arginine in the arginase hydrolysis on the basis of the foreign literature, the use of the color reaction product in arginine concentration to 0 01 0 20 mmol / L The law was obeyed in the range, and under existing conditions of the national laboratories for further improvements and explore.A maximum absorption at 480nm at arginine and PNPG reaction, this reaction is strongly dependent on the level of the buffer pH value. Three kinds of pH 0,9 and 10. 0 buffer were prepared arginine concentrations. 010,0. 025,0 050,0. 075,0 100,0. 125,0 150,0. 175,0. 200mmol / L arginine solution, remove 1ml respectively, by adding 0 2ml of PNPG solution, mixing after 37 C temperature bath 30min blank tube to adjust the zero point, 480nm colorimetric, read absorbance can be seen from the curve, the buffer pH is too high, although the color faster, but less stable. Buffer pH is too low, the color reaction is slow to affect the measurement results. PH 9. 0:00 B line is the most ideal in this state, arginine and absorbance linear, linear range up to 0 ~~ 0. 20mol / L.Determination of arginase activity is one of the indicators of the detection of liver cancer, cirrhosis, and various types of hepatitis, but has recently been reported in the literature and found that serum arginase activity levels with Keshan disease and regularity of changes in that The enzyme can be used as the indicator of the enzymatic diagnosis of Keshan disease and myocardial injury.

Arginase activity level identification and characterization of Schistosoma japonicum gene index. Catalytic arginine of [Only registered users see links. ] generates ornithine and urea, one of the important enzymes of the urea cycle, reduce ammonia and balancing the body's pH value. Mononuclear phagocytic cell system function is suppressed, is an important indicator of obstructive jaundice and postoperative complicated by infection and sepsis in obstructive jaundice plasma arginase activity. Enzyme determination has important clinical value, but most of the previously reported determination methods complicated operation, and low sensitivity, not suitable for clinical laboratory applications of a large number of specimens. Therefore, the use of the PNPG could specifically bind to arginine, arginine A vinegar reaction, and 480nm at maximum absorption, while projections based on detection of the hydrolysis of the remaining arginine in the ARG1 activity level and the establishment of a rapid colorimetric method. Other nitrogen compounds in the serum is extremely weak reaction with PNPG such as urea, ornithine, and arginine residues in the protein color reaction with PNPG. Therefore, the determination method of the confounding factors of the external environment is small, the method specific and accurate, simple operation, short time-consuming, high sensitivity, suitable for clinical laboratories to carry out a wide range.
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