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Biology Forum Biology Forums. Ask questions and discuss the study of Biology. If you have Biology questions from your homework ask them here!

Of people PIRH2b preliminary study of the interaction of ARF4

Of people PIRH2b preliminary study of the interaction of ARF4 - Biology Forum

Of people PIRH2b preliminary study of the interaction of ARF4 - Biology Forums. Ask questions and discuss the study of Biology. If you have Biology questions from your homework ask them here!

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Old 06-14-2012, 06:32 AM
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Default Of people PIRH2b preliminary study of the interaction of ARF4

Pirh2 since been found since its function more in-depth study found pirh2 gene expression and the occurrence of lung cancer and prostate cancer is closely related, which may pirh2 expression reduces the level of P53 protein and inhibition of the P53 protein function is related to. Therefore, pirh2 is considered promising as a new target for cancer therapy. PIRH2b PIRH2 of a newly discovered transcription splicing of this, it does not have to like PIRH2 as a complete RING? H2, structure. While the complete RING? H2 structure is considered PIRH2 has E3 ligase activity necessary. , PIRH2b function of what and what role to play in the regulation of cell cycle and other so far not been reported.

The ARF4 human ARFs (ADP? Ribosylation factors, ADP ribosylation transfer factor) family of an. ARFs egg.White is a class of molecular weight of about 20ku GTP-binding protein, belongs to the Ras protein superfamily. The ARFs protein are found in all eukaryotes from yeast toARFs including six proteins, divided into three categories according to the similarity of a sequence. The first category: of ARF1 ~ 3;: ARF4, 5; third category: ARF6. ARFs protein's functional diversity, related to the regulation of membrane transport, lipid metabolism, organelle morphology, and intracellular signal transduction and so on. The ARFs protein and GTP-binding orientation to the membrane and the recruitment of the capsid protein (coat protein); followed by a GTPase activating protein (GT? Pase? Activatingproteins, GAPs,) hydrolysis of the GTP, classification, transport material and the formation of transport vesicles, and accompanied by the ARF? GDP release from the membrane. Recent studies suggest that the regulation of membrane transport may require two ARFs proteins work together in the same location. Although the biochemical experiments showed that all the ARFs have similar functions in cells, ARFs are targeted at different intracellular region, with the specific guanylate exchange factor (guaninenu? The cleotide? Exchange factors, GEFs) and GAPs, different functionsARF4 and ARF5 function of the second class of ARFs is poorly understood.In 2002, Kim et al reported ARF4 and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR intracellular part of the growth factor receptor EGFR) interactions mediated by epidermal growth factor (EGFR growth factor, EGF), dependent phospholipase D2 (of phospho? LipaseD2 PLD2) activation, and activate the transcription of downstream genes play an important role in cellular signal transduction pathways induced by EGF.Deretic and other reports ARF4 protein identification and interaction with rhodopsin (rhodopsin -) C-terminal domain of the normal rhodopsin transporter plays a key role in the destruction of the interaction between the two will lead to the occurrence of retinal disease.

ARF4 and EGFR interaction and play to activate the function of PLD2 play a membrane transport function, while the interaction with rhodopsin. The first time in this study found a PIRH2b interaction with ARF4, but the function of ARF4 play PIRH2b what kind of impact? Will promote or inhibit the function of ARF4? These remains to be further research.
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