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carter.jer3 09-17-2011 05:36 PM

Repair on the chromosome ends
Dear colleagues!!!

Help me please with some questions in molecular biology.

1. What is the precise length of human RNA-primers in Okazaki fragments? In the literature there are different data from 9 nucleotides to 20 and 30.
2. Precise length of DNA binding sites for such proteins, as: DNA polymerases (all human types), insertase, DNA glycosylases, DNA ligases (I, II, III and IV), RAD51, MRN-complex, and BRCA?
3. Minimal length of oligonucleotide which can be kept on the end of double-stranded DNA in case when the single-stranded break occurs near the chromosome end.

Im interesting in telomere shortening mechanisms and can not find data how the repair occurs on the ends of telomeres and whether it leads to reduction of their length. Anybody know where I can find information about features of DNA damage and repair at the very ends of chromosomes? Whether the repair by homologous recombination can occurs on telomeres as normally recombination events are blocked there by telomeric proteins to prevent activation of ALT mechanism for telomere lengthening?

I shall be very grateful if you write me the links in this field.

Tony15 09-24-2011 04:57 AM

Re: Repair on the chromosome ends
Nice sharing.
I don't have any idea about it because my field is IT.
Sorry again.

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