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glassagencies 07-12-2011 09:26 AM

Biology Laboratory Instruments
Glass Agencies based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana (INDIA) are Manufacturer & Exporter of all type of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific, Surgical, Medical, Hospital, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Woodenware, Laboratory Silicaware, Laboratory Rubberware, Laboratory Porcelainware, Laboratory Quartzware, Orthopedic, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dairy, Milk Testing, Surveying, Educational, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab Instruments & Equipments under EROSE brand including Microscope, Laboratory Chemical, Educational Charts, Models & Slides

Our Lab Glassware apparatus are Beaker, Ruduction Adaptor, Expension Adaptor, Bend, Cone, Socket, Liebig Condensers, Coil Condenser, Electrical Distillation Apparatus, Separatory Funnels, Petri Dishes, Volumetric Flasks, Flat Bottom Flasks, Round Bottom Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Conical Flasks, Funnels, Test Tubes, Graduated Cylinders, Dropping Bottle, Burettes, Pipettes, Pyknometer, Viscometer, Quick Fit Bends Adaptors, Quick Fit Distillation Units, Measuring Cylinders, Table Blown moulded Glassware, Separating Funnels, Drying Tubes, Stoppers

Our Biology lab Instruments Agar, Compound Stereo Binocular Microscopes, Prepared Microscope Slides, Plain Microscope Slides, Cover Slips, Blood Cell Counters, Hand Tally Counter. Slide Boxes, Dissection Instruments, Dissecting Trays, Sphygmomanometer, Blood Pressure Apparatus, Human Skeleton Model, Human Anatomy Models, Cell Division Models, Animal Cell, Plant Cell

amritpal753159 03-02-2013 08:01 AM

Re: Biology Laboratory Instruments
The biology laboratory is a facility to users for the preparation and characterization of biological samples previous to their experiments at the beamlines. At the same time, it will be used for the researches at SOLEIL in the molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry fields.The materials and advanced technology used in the manufacturing of the biology laboratory instruments are of optimum quality that ensures notable features like high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions.

IHaveThePoint 11-27-2014 10:48 AM

Florence technique to keep
Hope this help:
by VivienLauYW Medical Sciences University of Hong Kong MMedSc HKU

Flow Cytometry in the detection of Apoptosis
Extract DNA in pH7.8
Fluorescence store at 4 Degree Celsius in dark.
Apoptotic process is around 6 hour.

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