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Adelaide_Science 05-03-2008 07:43 AM

[35]Sulfur Radiation Safety
Hi All,

I am looking at starting some protein labeling techniques with [35]S-Methionine, but have never used this isotope before (only used P[32]).

Does it have to be handled drastically different?:unsure:

Thanks for any help

dnamolecule 05-03-2008 07:54 AM

Re: [35]Sulfur Radiation Safety
[35]S-Methionine is a less scary radioactive material however most people do not handle it well.

I would perform most of the S35 radioactive experiments in a fume hood that has been prepared with drop sheets and special pipettes just for S35 work.

Also, make sure you use filter tips as you could easily contaminate/mess with your samples results.

what types of experiments will you do with the S35 pulse and/or chase?

Adelaide_Science 05-04-2008 11:59 PM

Re: [35]Sulfur Radiation Safety

I am looking at 35S methionine labelling of my proteins of interest and then using them to do DNA binding assays (EMSA's) to increase the resolution of the signals. I want to do this as i haven't been able to get large amounts of pure proteins, so instead of doing EMSA's with EtBr staining of DNA, try it on the flip side and do stainging (labelling) of the protin and see the retardation of the protein in the PAGE gel when bound to DNA.

Does it absolutely have to be done in a fumehood, what if i dont have access to a 'hot' fumehood, could it been done in a designated 'hot' area with just barrier/filter tips?


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