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admin 03-26-2007 10:57 AM

Cell culture
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admin 03-26-2007 10:58 AM

Re: Cell culture
This is a cell culture main article we are composing today from numerous references and sources. Please feel free to add an alter it as best you can. Please provide references whenever you can. :)

Cheers! :)

asli 11-05-2008 12:09 PM

Re: Cell culture
what is the cell line?

aftabac 11-06-2008 01:31 AM

Re: Cell culture
cell line is usually refered to as single type of cells, they have same genotype and phenotype..


asli 11-06-2008 05:36 PM

Re: Cell culture
what is the meaning of resistance cell line and wild cell line?how can they generate?

aftabac 11-07-2008 04:50 AM

Re: Cell culture
wild type is called to that cell line that is normal, so they are same type of cells that are normal.....
and resistance could be to some toxin or drugs.......sometime it happen that wild type cell line get some mutation and become resistance to drugs or some toxin..
just like some cancerous stem cell lines get resistance to certain drugs...

wild type cells line are generated by primary culture.......
and resistance could be isolated from the primary culture or they are mutated in vitro by different mean like by the application of mutagens and so on......

hope you get it.....


asli 11-07-2008 08:31 PM

Re: Cell culture
thanks for your answer..

asli 11-07-2008 08:35 PM

Re: Cell culture
well, I will present a semınar about cancer cell line feeding and critical points of safekeeping..what do you suggest? people will ask me questions about my subject ı am thinking about that what they can ask?? I will study hard:))

spikegomez 12-11-2008 08:14 AM

Re: Cell culture
What is collagen and fibronectin??

tcfinimu 09-13-2011 06:02 PM

Cell culture Hep2
1 Attachment(s)
I work whith hep2 cell line, I'm seeing strange structures like this one in the picture. Anybody know explain it??

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