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Arabidopsis and Plant Biology Discuss Arabidopsis and Plant Biology Research.

Post Doctoral Positions

Post Doctoral Positions - Arabidopsis and Plant Biology

Post Doctoral Positions - Discuss Arabidopsis and Plant Biology Research.

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Default Post Doctoral Positions

Multiple positions in the areas of:
· Plant Cell Biology

· Protein Stability

· Signal Transduction

· Synthetic Biology

· Protein Structure and Function

Join a dynamic group working on cutting-edge approaches in Plant Molecular Biology and Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology is an exciting and broad approach using rational and computational design of genes, proteins and genetic systems for a specific purpose (Basu et al., 2005; Bio et al., 2006; Bowen et al., 2008; Das and Baker, 2008). Synthetic Biology brings the accuracy of electrical and computer engineering to plant molecular biology and design of new plant traits. One example, it is possible to control what is sensed in plants with computer designed receptors. Synthetic Biology work has produced programmable three- dimensional pattern formation and spatiotemporal control of cell signaling.
We have been using synthetic biology to re-design plants with useful traits and understand fundamental question about natural processes. We are expanding plant synthetic biology to broader areas such as those described for yeast and bacteria. For example, we provide input with computer designed receptors that activates a plant synthetic signal transduction pathway. Normal signal transduction is not a linear process but instead involves interactions with numerous components and pathways allowing fine-tuning of a response to a specific cell, tissue, developmental stage or environment. To begin to dissect complex signal transduction processes we built a synthetic system (Antunes et al., 2009b; Antunes et al., 2009a) and are using the tools of synthetic biology to further the approach. Because our system is constructed of modular and standardized parts we can re-assemble the system to ask how native molecules work. For details please see: [Only registered users see links. ] . The synthetic signal transduction system or biological input-output pathway is directed to producing a specific output. The output could accumulation of biofuels, flowering or a visual response. Our system is modular and by making chimeric molecules (e.g., synthetic::natural) we are able dissect fundamental processes normally used by plants.
These are competitive positions for Post-doctoral Associates and Research Associates and offer generous salaries. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. The successful candidate will join a dynamic group applying synthetic biology to plants. In addition to the above, because we believe any new technology should have a positive impact on the environment we collaborated with PrecisionBiosciences (http://www.precisionbiosciences.com<http://www.precisionbiosciences.com/>/) , and computationally re-designed proteins to produce a means to target T-DNAs and remove unwanted DNA (e.g., herbicide and antibiotic resistant genes).
For post-doctoral positions, a Ph.D. in molecular biology, cell biology plant molecular biology or a related field is required. Ideal applicants will have experience in molecular biology, plant cell biology or gene cloning. Experience with transgenic plants is helpful but not essential. Well developed skills in written and verbal communication are desirable. The incumbents are expected to interact with other post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Duties include a variety, molecular biology techniques, cell biology studies, synthetic gene construction, bacterial expression, production and analysis of transgenic plants, planning experimental approaches based on research literature, and interpreting results. The successful individuals will be self-motivated and capable of independent thought and research.
The Medford lab is located in the Biology Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins is a city of 130,000 located at the base of the Rocky Mountains about an hour north of Denver. Colorado boasts 300+ sunny days a year and numerous recreational activities exist from the nearby mountains such as world class skiing and hiking.
Please apply at: [Only registered users see links. ] Click on the link for Post-Doctoral Associate or Research Associate Open pool. Indicate attention to Dr. June Medford.

Antunes, M.S., Morey, K.J., Tewari-Singh, N., Bowen, T.A., Smith, J.J., Webb, C.T., Hellinga, H.W., and Medford, J.I. (2009a). Engineering key components in a synthetic eukaryotic signal transduction pathway. Mol Syst Biol 5, 270.
Antunes, M.S., Morey, K.J., Smith, J.J., Albrecht, K.D., Bowen, T.A., Zdunek, J.K., Troupe, J.F., Cuneo, M.J., Webb, C.T., Hellinga, H.W., and Medford, J.I. (2009b). Computationally-designed receptors and synthetic signal transduction allow plants to serve as detectors for human and environmental use. (in review).
Basu, S., Gerchman, Y., Collins, C.H., Arnold, F.H., and Weiss, R. (2005). A synthetic multicellular system for programmed pattern formation. Nature 434, 1130-1134.
Bio, F.A.B.G., Baker, D., Church, G., Collins, J., Endy, D., Jacobson, J., Keasling, J., Modrich, P., Smolke, C., and Weiss, R. (2006). Engineering life: building a fab for biology. Sci Am 294, 44-51.
Bowen, T.A., Zdunek, J.K., and Medford, J.I. (2008). Cultivating plant synthetic biology from systems biology. New Phytol 178, 583-587.
Das, R., and Baker, D. (2008). Macromolecular modeling with rosetta. Annu Rev Biochem 77, 363-382.

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